Friday, August 10, 2012

Why I will be voting for Fozzy Bear

Years ago I saw Jean Charest on a Mark Labreche talk show. He rode some kind of roller coaster onto the set and then proceeded to be funny and smart for the length of the segment.

What can I say? I liked him, and, given the state of Quebec politics today, I still like him.

Is their corruption in politics? How could there not be? Wherever there are humans there's corruption, and politics, the arena of what passes for public power, naturally attracts its share of opportunists and psychopaths.

But do I for one minute think Pauline Marois would be a better premier than Jean Charest? No. Pauline Marois for me radiates a nasty smugness I find viscerally revolting.

Does it help that she's rich, yet pretends to be of the people and for the people? No. Does it help that she leads the Parti Quebecois, which, I'm sorry to say represents for me as an anglophone the party of xenophobia and cultural insecurity, which is about 10 million miles away from the francophones I know, and partly because of whom I've made Quebec my home and the home of my children?

So do I think the Liberals are blameless, or above reproach? No. But I see voting for anyone who will split the vote in favour of the PQ as way more dangerous than another Liberal government.


François Sacrécoeur said...

You are joking right, or is your name Acurso?

François Sacrécoeur said...

You are joking right?

Oh! your name is Acurso?

François Sacrécoeur said...
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Not Without My Slippers said...

Wish I believed the intrinsic corruption had much to do with the person actually in the premier's chair - but on a visceral level I trust Charest more than Marois.

Unknown said...

Fear is greater than trust.

I don't fear Marois but I don't trust Charest.
The man in the premier's chair has dragged the student conflict in the mud to try and hide all the PLQ corruption issues. He also chose to have us vote before the results of the Charbonneau commission come out. He is the premier, he is responsible for his party and his choice of people... Or is it don Fava?