Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Amazing Race – Family Edition

So the 4.5 year old wets his bed every night for a week, the week before we’re booked to fly to Cuba. I’m all like ‘It’s a growth spurt, his bladder’s growing faster than his pee muscle is getting strong.’ – Grlf asks the doctor ‘Oh it’s not a growth spurt, but it could be a urinary tract infection.’ It’s Friday, plane leaves Tuesday at 6:00 am.

Grlf phones me from the car, its 3:00 pm ‘We’ve got to get a pee sample from the child and get it to the hospital before 4, meet me out front.’
I’m out in the cold, she picks me up, we drive around the block, forgot his health card, back to the house, race to the day care, he’s asleep.

I drag him into the bathroom: ‘Pee in here.’ ‘Are you going to catch it?’ He’s still asleep.
Manage to collect sample without getting covered in child’s piss, walk him back to his darkened class. ‘Ok go back to sleep, we’ll come back again and get you.’ ‘In the middle of the night?’
Into the car, race to the hospital – it’s 3:37 here it turns into split screen, 24, Family edition.
I hop out, run to get hospital card, Grlf is pulling a U-ee in front of the hospital on busy street while infant sleeps in car seat. I get a hospital card, find lab, take a number, figure out I don’t have to wait, drop off the sample. Back to the car, back to the day care.

Weekend passes, no urinary tract infection. Would of considered blowing off the whole thing except the same week some Brazilian super model dies of blood poisoning after undetected U.T.I. Never a dull moment, and easy compared to turning off CareBears half way through a show…

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