Tuesday, April 01, 2014

One App to Rule them all and in the Day light bind us.

{I know things like this are out there - please send links to the best...}

Our fragile little egos need attention. Sure we can aspire to zen detachment and transcendence, but in the meanwhile perhaps we can take a page from Facebook and Twitter, and capture this need in more constructive ways than likes and shares?

Like microdonations - ways to transfer money to charitable causes easily instead of indulging in an expensive latte or sugary treat? Little feedback mechanisms that let us brag about giving money, encouraging others to do so, while also pursuing some personal goal of not overeating, affecting a career change, etc.

[And it's got to be easy...like one click shopping easy...the tech exists for Amazon and iTunes, twice in the past 48 hours I was about to donate but it was X clicks too far. I was about to join the Green Party but then my info got deleted when I selected PayPal...if it's easy, it will take in WAY more money.]

A sponsorship system - we set ourselves a fitness or similar goal and collect sponsors who will donate to some cause as we work towards it. A way of offering support and encouragement to people living with disease or other challenges? Like metres for millions or readathons, but online and Facebook social.

Perhaps there's some system where we can elect a group of friends to vote on what goal we should pursue and then sponsor our pursuing it? Like submitting our top three goals for the opinions of others, then if we accept their verdict, we go for it?

LifeCoach the App - combining the need for external motivation and feedback, with social reinforcement...

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