Thursday, April 03, 2014

Morning Robot Flight of Fancy

So when you get the chance, day dream.

Found myself watching 5 year old playing with Zoob Blocks by Infinitoy. (affiliate links to Amazon ... Infinitoy Zoob Basic Set, 500 - Piece) The 3 yo was on lockdown for hitting so he had a few minutes to get ambitious.

Watching as he built a long robot arm I got to dreaming - wouldn't it be cool if it WAS a long robot arm? How would it work? You'd need motors in the socket that would spin the ball, just X and Y directions. You'd need some way to hold a position so grasping motors on either side.

Then why not make the stem a hydraulic piston so it can expand and contract?

How would you power it? Either each unit would have its own rechargeable power source or you'd have to wire them together in some way that wouldn't get tangled...either conducting through the balls and sockets or...?

And to control it? Each element would need a way to receive instructions - perhaps a firmware chip of some sort?

And I went off like that for awhile - just dreaming. The kind of dreaming you don't often get a chance to pursue. Now later I can look up actual roboticists doing such things, but today, a day off - with work lined up (otherwise I'd be the fretful unemployed) - I just went for it.

And did a little photoshop.

These are awesome toys - I've posted amazon affiliate links if you'd like to buy one, and kick something back.


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