Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Grow Hope

Inspired most recently by Shawn Atleo

Shame on you for letting fear and greed into your heart.  For thinking you could save yourself while others perish.  Wilful ignorance, actively ignoring what you want not to be true is the ultimate cowardice, and through its practice you forfeit your dignity and self respect.  

The path of evil knows no limit, no depravity becomes unimaginable, no excuse too banal. By ignoring the unpleasant you become as much it's cause as it's originator, sins of omission are a commitment to pretending to be blind.

There's a dead heat going on between climate change and adaptation; mitigation and demonstrating best practices are our ethical imperatives.  The test of our times.  Until you know you are leaving the world better than you found it, your path is clear - foster order, build complexity, lower entropy in all it's forms.

Grow - leave more life on the planet than when you joined it.  Draw carbon out of the air and back into the earth.  Waiting is petulance.   Learn what living systems are around you and feed them.  And in growing life you will feed your soul.  

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