Monday, December 02, 2013

Listen to a story of a man named Steve SONG

"Listen to a story of a man named Steve
Cut down a forest made a hobo out of the Beav
Spent all his life in the service of big oil
Doesn't give a French seal which makes my blood boil
What the ph....

Aimee Davison provided the voice of Beavette, and Scott Ryan provided the music and vocals.

Deb Grey is featured holding her autobiography "Mein Kramps"... And the young Steve Harper is shown attending the Wild Rose Public School. I've always found the name of this particular brand of right wing zealotry funny as I once interviewed at Wild Rose Productions...I wonder if there's any official connection?

The episode occurs after Happy Forest has been destroyed by tar sands development and it's the first we learn that Beavette was not killed by heavy machinery. She's clearly distraught, so we don't know if she lost the babies.

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