Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jazz mass

I want to primarily bear witness to the event - capture the moments as they naturally occur.
But  our presence will influence the participants 

I am interested in the artistic impulse - the many reasons for making music, and in this case jazz.

Are the roots of jazz important?
Was jazz born from oppression?
Did jazz provide succour?  
What is it about jazz that raises your spirits?
Does jazz offer something that other forms of spiritual music lack or does it expand and build upon other traditions?

What are the mechanics of jazz? What's a blue note? Syncopation? Swung note?

What does it mean if it doesn't have that swing?

Improvisation is central to jazz - so can a DJ play jazz?

JJ Johnson “jazz is restless, it won't stay put and it never will”

Can anyone learn to play jazz or will certain personalities never be able to handle it?

Jazz can challenge the musically less sophisticated - but at some point isn't the risk of pushing the form too far that it becomes noise?

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