Thursday, November 28, 2013

Working on the Jazz Amnesty Sound System Jazz Mass Movie

The week it was...

I probably *should* be looking for work. But instead, I'm working. Working on a project I've been calling my TOHOE in my SOHO - triumph of hope over experience in my small office/home office. It's a movie about a 'Jazz Mass' put on by Jazz Amnesty Sound System. My friends Andy Williams and Lew Braden, two DJs, who hosted 'the jazz illuminati' of Montreal to come and jam in St John the Evangelist's church while they 'conducted' from their turn tables.

You can watch the teaser here…

The genesis of the project was Lew asking me to help them film a demo of the event. I asked Bruno Goulard to help me with it and he encouraged me to shoot a little higher. So he brought together a professional crew and we shot a multi-camera live event, with multi track audio. So, you know, we got something.

Now we 'just' need to turn it into a movie. Editing, more interviews, etc. It's going to require some resources.

And it won't happen overnight.

So I AM looking for work - if you know of anything in the writing/directing/editing vein please get in touch (

If you know anything about financing also GET IN TOUCH!

And stay tuned...

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